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Popular Tee – Unisex

Size Length Chest
S 28in 18in
M 29in 20in
L 31in 22in
XL 31in 24in
2XL 32in 26in
3XL 33in 28in
4XL 34in 30in
5XL 35in 32in


Women’s Tee Shirt

Size Length Chest
S 25in 16in
M 26in 17in
L 26.5in 18in
XL 27in 20in
2XL 28in 21in


Crewneck Sweatshirt

Size Length Chest Sleeve
S 26.8in 20.1in 33.5in
M 27.9in 22in 34.6in
L 29.1in 24in 35.4in
XL 29.9in 26in 36.6in
2XL 31.1in 27.9in 37.4in
3XL 31.9in 29.9in 38.6in
4XL 33.1in 31.9in 39.8in
5XL 34.3in 33.9in 40.9in

Long Sleeve


Size Length Chest Sleeve
S 28in 18in 33.5in
M 29in 20in 35in
L 30in 22in 36.5in
XL 31in 24in 38in
2XL 32in 26in 39.5in
3XL 33in 28in 39.5in
The actual dimension of the product may be vary. 1 inch difference is advised.