The Untold Truth Of Fat Thor Tshirt

Avengers: Endgame brought plenty of changes to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and one of the biggest was to Thor, who’s put on a lot of weight. “Fat Thor,” as he’s being called, is dealing with a lot of depression and trauma. Here’s his story.

Thor’s new look in Avengers: Endgame has been a hot topic amongst Marvel fans since the moment the film dropped in theaters. People have been bickering back and forth over whether the god of thunder gaining a noticeable amount of weight, letting his hair grow long and his beard get scraggly, and settling into a routine of beer, chips, and video games was a cheap attempt at laughs or an accurate depiction of the effects trauma and grief can have on a person. Amongst all this chatter, one person who has remained pretty quiet about “fat Thor” in Endgame is Thor himself, famously fit actor Chris Hemsworth.

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